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Tutoring Chemistry for Nurses In and Out of the Lab

The subject of chemistry is famous for its difficulty. How can one person learn all those names and formulae? Sherry's Tutoring can help. Sherry will guide you through nursing chemistry classes by showing you the secrets to learning chemistry and helping you to understand the purpose and interpret the results of your lab sessions.


Nursing Chemistry

Understanding basic chemistry concepts and knowledge of the math is necessary to be successful in nursing chemistry. Sherry helps you catch up or move ahead, and she prepares you for exams and laboratory experiments. Students only have to provide a calculator, pencil and paper, and examples of work done in the classroom. All other study materials will be provided by Sherry. She also helps students with understanding and writing laboratory reports, as well as the proper usage of laboratory equipment. Lab equipment for tutoring has limited availability. Please contact Sherry for more information.

Lab Practice for City College of San Francisco Students

Don't get left behind in the lab! For City College of San Francisco students, Sherry also provides end-of-semester lab practical practice sessions. This gives you hands-on practice with the equipment you will be using for the Semester Lab Practical exam so that you can be prepared.