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Meet Sherry Howard

Unlock your learning potential with Sherry Howard, the algebra and chemistry whiz behind Sherry's Tutoring in San Francisco, California. She discovered her passion for tutoring after her chemistry professor at City College of San Francisco asked her to help other students. She went on to train in tutoring at the City College of San Francisco through their Learning Assistance Center in 2006, and she has now been tutoring for more than 10 years.

Sherry Howard

Straightforward & Socratic

Sherry takes a straightforward approach to learning difficult subjects like chemistry and algebra, adapting her teaching methods to student needs. Using the Socratic Method of teaching, she guides students to greater understanding in her algebra and chemistry tutoring sessions by asking questions and helping them realize how to apply what they already know.

Helping Everyone

Students who face unique educational challenges can come to Sherry for help. She has particular experience dealing with students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. This includes helping students with test anxiety and students that have limited math skills.

Educational Experience

Sherry Howard graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science from California State University East Bay. While in school, she was honored with the Academic Excellence in Chemistry Award in 2013 for graduating at the top of her class with the highest GPA in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments.