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Every Student Receives a Free 1 Hour Tutoring Session!

Chemistry and math classes have very high dropout rates and tend to be large, so it's easy to get left behind when things go too fast. Working with Sherry's Tutoring gives you extra time to fully understand the material being presented in a pressure-free environment, following a tailored approach to the material and subject matter. Sign up for your free session today!

Grasp the concepts taught in nursing chemistry classes and hone your laboratory skills through Sherry's Tutoring. She provides hands-on practice and exam prep for all nursing chemistry students.


Anxiety and difficulties with algebra are common roadblocks to learning. However, with tutoring by Sherry Howard, you can gain an understanding of concepts and start solving problems with ease.


About Sherry

Sherry Wilson

Ace the test with Sherry's Tutoring. She provides chemistry and algebra tutoring for individuals or groups. An award-winning tutor in multiple subjects, Sherry Howard has been helping students in San Francisco, California, and the surrounding areas since 2005. Her focus is on chemistry for nursing students, but she also tutors algebra students from the high school to college level. For students who have anxiety issues or learning disabilities, Sherry offers endless patience, guiding them through even the hardest problems or concepts. You can meet with her in her home, in your home if you are in the San Francisco Bay area, or online via Skype™. Contact her for more information about signing up for individual and group sessions.
Sherry Wilson

Mission Statement

Sherry's mission is to help close the education gap in math and science.

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Individual Tutoring Rates

$20 per hour – 1 hour FREE!

Group Tutoring Rates

Each Student Receives 1 hour FREE!
2 Student Group: $15/hour per student
3 Student Group: $13/hour per student
4 Student Group: $10/hour per student


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. Sherry looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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